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Diabetes Melitus


Jumat, 07 November 2008

Diabetes Melitus

Diabetes can attack anyone, especially because the style of modern urban life that make us driven. If you are not alert, not only us but our children can also become victims

Diabetes can attack anyone, especially because the style of modern urban life that make us driven. If you are not alert, not only us but our children can also become victims

What is Diabetes Mellitus That?

Diabetes Mellitus (DM) disease is a metabolic aberration caused by a lack of hormone insulin. Hormone insulin is produced by a group of beta cells in the pancreas gland and plays a role in glucose metabolism in the cell body. The high rate of glucose in the body can not be absorbed and not all experienced in the metabolism of cells. As a result, someone will lack energy, so easily tired and weight continue to drop. The rate of excess glucose was issued through the kidney and urine together. Sugar has the interesting nature of the water causing a lot of the urine and always feel thirsty.

Diabetes Mellitus also regarded as a metabolic disease that is included in the group of blood sugar that exceed normal limits arau hiperglikemia (more than 120 mg / dl or 120 mg%). Therefore, DM often also called the sugar disease. Now, diabetes is not only considered as interference carbohydrate metabolism, but also concerning the metabolism of protein and fat. As a result, DM often cause complications that are prolonged (chronic), especially on the structure and function of blood vessels. If this is left for it, other complications will arise quite fatal, such as heart disease, kidney, blindness, aterosklerosis, even some of the body can be amputated.

Diabetes Mellitus is often called the great imitator, a disease that can attack all organs and cause various complaints. The disease emerged in slowly, so that someone is not aware of the various changes in himself. Changes such as drinking a lot more, urine more often, and weight continue to decline, lasted long enough and usually do not tend to be someone to go to the doctor and check the rate of blood glucose.

Causes Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes Mellitus due to the decreasing production and the availability of insulin in the body or the occurrence of interference insulin function that actually bears enough. Lack of insulin due to damage a small part or most of the beta cells langerhans islands in the pancreas gland that produce insulin function. However, if dirunut more, some of the factors that cause the DM as follows.

Or genetic factor Keturunan
Diabetes Mellitus tend to be downgraded or diawariskan, not transmitted. DM family members of people (diabetisi) have a greater likelihood of the disease compared with the family members who do not suffer from DM. The health experts also mentioned the DM is a disease that terpaut sex or sex chromosome. Usually men to be patient indeed, while the women who brought the parties to inherited genes to their children.
Viruses and bacteria
DM is the virus that causes rubela, mumps, and human coxsackievirus B4. Through the mechanism of infection sitolitik in beta cells, the virus causing this destruksi or destruction of cells. It is also, this virus attacks through otoimunitas reaction that causes the loss of otoimun in beta cells. Diabetes Mellitus due to the bacteria can not detect. However, health experts suspect the bacteria cause significant role DM.
Toxic release or toxic materials
Toxic material that is able to damage the beta cells is directly alloxan, pyrinuron (Rodenticides), and streptozoctin (similar product from the mushroom). Cyanide other material is derived from cassava.
Nutrition excessive (overnutrition) is the first risk factor that is known to cause DM. The excess weight or obesity due to excessive nutrients, the more likely to have a DM.

General symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

DM symptoms can appear suddenly, when someone can also make checks for diseases other than DM.

The symptoms are very common:
frequent urination at night (poliuria)
always feel thirsty (polidipsia)
always feel hungry (polifagia)

Other common symptoms that cause a person want to immediately go to the doctor is the aberration such as itching and skin sores, such as leucorrhoea aberration gynecology, and the pins are accompanied by a sense of death. Sometimes the body to become weak and very tired. Usually appear wounds or sores that never healed, or infection occurs in the urine channel. Can also occur platforms, cataracts, or a woman delivered a baby weighing more than 4 kilograms.

Diagnosis Diabetes Mellitus

Typically, doctors will perform the suspected diagnosis first, which is based on complaints or symptoms typical of the experience seseorang.setelah continued to conduct inspections to ensure someone is suffering from DM or not.
This diagnosis is called the diagnosis with certainty. After that, doctors will decide that someone has suffered DM if meet the criteria as follows:
A person suffering with symptoms typical of complaints as mentioned above, plus the rate of blood glucose while greater than or equal to 200 mg / dl.
Someone has a rate of fasting blood glucose greater than or equal to 126 mg / dl as much as 2 times during the inspection that is different.

If the inspection rate of blood glucose during a doubt, needs to be done oral glucose tolerance test with the purpose to ensure the diagnosis.

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Kamis, 16 Oktober 2008

Diet & Nutrition

Good and Bad Food Favorites

You certainly have a favorite food. You review that, in general, foods that you like food that is not considered good for health? However, some of them actually still have the vitamin content of the good. 

To be able to obtain the benefits without the bad effects affected, you must be clever menyiasatinya. 

Both sides: pizza sauce contain many likopen, which is similar karotenoid found that berkadar high blood vessel in the prostate and men with prostate cancer risk is low. Topping of cheese on top of Feed provide enough calcium to help bones strong, reduce blood pressure, prevent cancer and large intestine. 
Bad side: Content calories of a large pizza. The size of a pizza supreme contain less than 2,000 calories and 60 grams of saturated fat. 
Tip: We recommend you to eat pengkonsumsiannya with two thin pieces of vegetarian pizza, which only contains 300 calories and 2.5 grams of saturated fat. 

Good side: Chocolate, especially dark cake, contain more flavonoid, which are antioxidants that protect the heart by preventing the occurrence of conglomeration in the blood vessels. Chocolate milk was also good (in brown packaging as containing 47 grams, 155 grams of antioxidants as red wine). 
Bad side: Many consume chocolate will make your waist size of the landscape. Size 50 grams of chocolate contains 250 calories, which is 10% better meet the needs of women in calories a day. 
Tip: If you want to eat chocolate every day, a number of konsumsilah only 100 calories. Try in small packages. If bungkusnya each contain 50 calories, you can eat two 

Ice cream 
Both sides: During your choice right, you will get the Feed enough calcium to strengthen bones and help lower your blood pressure. 
Bad side: Ice cream has a fat content and calorie level. 
Tip: It select which contain 15% of the daily requirement of calcium found in half a cup. Thus, if the boy eat porsinya times (one cup), you will get enough calcium without Feed fat content that is too large. 

Both sides: Cheese, except the type of fat-free, contain the kind of fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), who can fight breast cancer. And calcium tough contained in the cheese (47 grams of calcium in Cheddar equivalent to 300 grams, or one glass of milk) is very useful to the bone. In addition, the texture of cheese consumed after the meal can be hard to protect your teeth. 
Bad side: Can a high-fat. 
Tip: To reduce the fat Feed, restrict pengkonsumsian cheese only 47 grams a day 

Both sides: Some research linking nuts with decreasing the risk of heart disease and live longer. Although the sources' kesaktian 'nuts have not known exactly, the researchers suspect the content of saturated fat is not a single, magnesium, copper, folat, protein, fiber, and vitamin E in daiamnya have a big role in this. 
Bad side: Eat more peanut can increase body weight. 
Tip: To get the benefits without making your weight up, try the consumption of two to five portions (one portion = a handheld) a week. Better avoid the fried nuts. Try the consumption of baked beans 

Both sides: Beef is the food that contains iron, minerals, perkunci defense system that helps the body to fight the enemy, from viruses to cancer. Feed get enough iron, which will also affect appetite, taste, and vision at night. 
Bad side: Increasing the weight and blood cholesterol. 
Tip: It is your limit asupannya only 93 grams (the same size computer mouse or the Tern-putt soap) a day. Should choose which does not contain much fat.

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Next year, The Children's International Robot Competition

 Sunday, 7 September 2008 | 15:28 WIB 

JAKARTA, WEEK - Interest and the talents of human resources in Indonesia to create robots is very high. In terms of creativity is not the human resources of Indonesia with other countries in the world. This is presented by Marketing Manager Robotic Explorer Jully Tjindrawati in during the competition to create robots that theme TOUCH d 'Art, Sunday (7 / 9) in Marketing Gallery Podomoro City, Jakarta. 

Thus, Jully will strive to encourage and support the Indonesian government to send Indonesian students in the International Robot Olympiad 2009. 

"Starting in September we will distribute the proposal on the establishment of the laboratory robotik to all schools in Indonesia. I hope they can agree to the proposal," said Jully. Meanwhile, September to December, continued road show will be made to the government schools to provide education about robots. 

In addition, Jully will also encourage schools, especially the country, to have a laboratory robotik so that more students to foster interest in the robots. About the cost, Jully says is calculated. Thus, the word Jully, Indonesia next year have already started to send a delegation to the International Robot Olympiad. 

"If this year, I think we have not yet ready," said Jully, who was attending the International Robot Olympiad in Sydney 2006.

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